Posted by: Sheila | December 15, 2008

The dreaded bills



Part of my plan to just simply be has been to have financial tranquillity. Not having to worry about where all the money will come from, how all the bills will be paid especially with a growing family. Now it is easy to pretend I have loads and spend all around me. This does not make it a reality. Instead it makes a problem with the bank or credit card.

So I have to tried to focus less on money and more on all I can enjoy from it. With this in mind I have eliminated the monthly bill paying by having it all automatically deducted from the account. Though this requires some discipline (the money needs to be there!) it has certainly stopped me from constantly thinking about bills or hating opening them. Within reason then I know what little I have to spend and I can spend it with a happy heart. So no more days spend stacking bills that are looming at me and wondering how to manage the money.

Being far from perfect, this has resulted in the credit card slipping up a notch or two but that is one for the New Year-new start. I intend to fight the urge to believe that objects purchased on the card are a gift from the company. The interest rates certainly are not!

Therefore, if you long to have empty spaces in your head to dream, plan and live your dream, start by eliminating what need not be in there and thinking about bills can be number one. Bills will always exist, we just need to reduce the space they take up in our lives.


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