Posted by: Sheila | December 14, 2008




As we are drawing nearer to the close of the year I am trying to remember what I had promised myself at the start. I wonder what resolutions I had? How long they lasted and amazingly have I kept any of them up?

In the back of my mind I know somewhere I slipped up early on others where I gave up. Nevertheless, I think there are one or two well maybe one where I kept at it. Succeeding is actually only a matter of keeping at it and keeping refining what you are doing. The only way that you will not eventually succeed is if you stop doing. So today, I am loosely thinking of what the New Year will hold so that I am not caught on the hop in two weeks time when all the questions are asked about my future resolutions.

A year can fly by and yet so much can change in that time. People are born and people die. Jobs are changed and so are homes. But here deep in my heart I am still me and mostly I still want the same as I did last year. Peace, joy, abundance, contentment for all.

I will strive once again next year to achieve that, at least in part.



  1. I tend to go a little overboard with resolutions in that I write myself a letter every ten years (1990 and 2000 so far) which I seal in an envelope and do not open until the time comes to write the next letter, which I then seal up with the previous letter(s), the batch then forming a correspondence with myself over the course of decades…

    I even made my students do this: we’ll see what effect it has!


  2. fascinating!Your children in time to come will learn a lot about you from your letters.They say that putting pen to paper and then seeing something written down is much more effective than it just being in your head.
    Thanks for the comment


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