Posted by: Sheila | December 12, 2008




Family and friend fallout’s can be over the smallest incident or a very big one. The sad fact is that after a few weeks the fight is forgotten and just the bad feeling remains. At this time of year it can be horrible if you have fallen out with family or if they have fallen out with you. Not every one falls out with everyone at the same time so it can be awkward organising events and dinners when there is an unhealthy friction in the air.

So before it is too late and the New Year has kicked in with everyone back to normal, before the season of good will has drawn to a close-Take the first step. You are probably right and they are probably wrong. But that doesn’t matter. Be the bigger person and take the kind option every time. Eventually you will not fail. It may take a while, even a few Christmases to mend those bridges but it will be worth it in the end. And if you think you will fail well at least you will have tried.

Being brave enough to take the first step is not as scary as it sounds and if the situation is remarkably bad than you have nothing to lose anyway. If you are lucky enough to get on well with all those in your life, then support a friend if they have a problem. Give them the encouragement they need to do the right thing whatever that is for them.

Many friends and family have spent decades together and been through so much and it is so sad when that link is lost. Pick up the thread. Hold on to those you cherish, take advantage of the season and let the hurt go. You may not forget but at least you can forgive.


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