Posted by: Sheila | December 11, 2008

The Christmas quick fix


Especially if you feel sad or down in the wintertime then making an effort is always worth it. Sometimes the thought of all the work of Christmas, the shopping and or baking, putting up the decorations and the lights, all these commitments can make some of us want to hide under a rock until it is all over.

That’s a normal reaction to the wave of pressure that mounts for us girls at this time of year. We are expected to, out of the blue turn into chefs, interior designers, party planners and event organisers out of nowhere. But panic not, a little bit goes a long way. I find the best way to cope is not to try to be the best at all these functions.

Instead of being a chef why not buy in some quick bake packets and long life cream and ready to serve custards. There is always an unexpected guest and no amount of preparation can prepare you for that.

For interior design I find candles a great solution (but make sure you attend  to them as no one wants a problem). Candles can make the strangest room look interesting and all subtle lighting be it lamps or spot lights set off an atmosphere of its own. What the room actually looks like in the stark light of day is irrelevant.

For party planning I find mid afternoon drinkies are the best. You can buy ready-made dips, mince pies, have a bit of Christmas cake at the ready and it is all over by tea-time (apart from the stragglers).This is a great way of getting together a number of people in one go and can bit a bit of fun too.

When organising events I find that after the mulled wine (you can now even buy that ready made!) you cannot beat the board games. It doesn’t matter if you are four or forty they are great crack and sure to end in an incident or two!

So do not despair Christmas beckons but so do enchanting presents, great atmospheres and a few days off. It cannot be all that bad.



  1. Great tips. This is a stressful time of year and sometimes that can take the fun out of it! We’re hosting a party food recipe contest … but also looking for stories, good ideas, thrify ideas, etc. and we’d love to have you enter a few of your tips. The prize is a $400 gift card to The contest is on our blog which I linked to through my name. Hope you have a great holiday!


  2. Thanks a mil, love competitions so will def. have a go, Thanks for the lovely comment


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