Posted by: Sheila | December 10, 2008

Honing your talent


Now the problem is maybe you can see a tiny piece of what you want and you want more. But family, commitments, career, loved ones with the best will in the world all seem to be in the way. It can be very frustrating for a woman or a man to be immersed with the pleasures of family life and thinking about how they would love to be pursing their dream. So many people are scared to take that step, scared to change that job. Fear of losing the security we have even if we hate our situation stops so many of us. Another problem is that often the dream has to take so much longer than we wish to come into its own. Maybe you get very little time to yourself and it is just not possible right now. Well in that case you should do a tiny bit every day. For me ideas come into my head when I am singing songs, playing games or writing reports. Then I pop them in my phone or a notebook and hope that whenever over the next week or two, when I get time to read them, that I will remember the note that I made.

Some days I wish I could just run up the stairs and hide away and write but my life at the moment does not allow for that and I accept that. Even still following my dream has taught me that making my own space is vital to my well-being. Loving myself that much has helped me become a more rounded person. Having to fight to express my dream of becoming a writer -often writing late at night when I know I should be asleep has strangely made me appreciate what I have to say, so much more. Years earlier, when I had all the time in the world, I felt I had nothing to say.

So do not be scared, it is okay to want more. It is okay to honour your responsibilities but only as long as you honour yourself. Start with you and then others and yours will be a happy heart. Good luck.


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