Posted by: Sheila | December 9, 2008

Recognising our talent



I have spent a lot of time in life wondering what my special gift is. Pondering when it will be discovered and when I will get to use it. We are all told that we have something special to offer, that each of us in our own way is special. Well,finally, I have realised that whatever is special about me must be connected with whatever I am passionate about doing. Wanting to be a brilliant doctor for example is pointless if you do not have the interest or discipline to udertake the study.

When we ignore our talents the talents that everyone tells us that we have, then we do not feel happy. Exercising our gifts brings us great joy (maybe great work but great joy too) and a great burden is lifted. We do not have to be famous or rich to exercise our gifts however when we hone our gift with love and dedication we are much happier people and naturally begin to exhibit that joy, with success as the natural payoff.

So look to what makes you happy and allow yourself a little time regularly to become immersed in it. It is the least you deserve.


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