Posted by: Sheila | December 8, 2008

Giving up


I was always afraid of being the one who gave up. I always saw surrendering as a weakness. The person who gave up was a failure in everyone’s eyes or so I thought.

For me it is about trying to accomplish that bit more in the same time or finishing something when a part of me just knows it is bedtime . Always feeling I had to be the one that never gave up.

The result was I often got quite sick, frequently ended up hospitalised (I know that sounds extreme but it is true ) and then was incapable of doing anything for ages. Then I really felt as though I had failed and I wondered why me and what was wrong with me.

Now when I reach that warning stage, that frayed edge, I stop and release. I let the worry go, be it a dirty house, a difficult project at work, a problem with a family member. Whatever is boiling my blood that day I stop and make myself admit it is too much for me. Then I hand it over mentally to God (use whatever higher power you have in your life) and trust that it will be okay. I do continue to move towards a solution but in a calm relaxed and non hurried manner. I find that once I have mentally taken the bag off my back, I feel lighter, more centred and better able to cope. So naturally the problem becomes smaller and the solution has space to finally manifest itself. This though simple can be arduous to remember especially at this time of year when time is so precious and scarce.

So, do not be afraid to give up when it all gets too much. Much better to admit defeat then to suffer needlessly, furthermore it will produce a much better result.







  1. Nice one.
    I have experienced the same thing.Lately have learnt to give up when it is necessary.But there are some things which I’m not able to give up.Worse I’m holding on to them tightly than ever before.Although they are fewer things than before the intensity is more.


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