Posted by: Sheila | December 7, 2008

If only



How many moments have we wasted wondering what if, if only? When we win the competition it will all be different, when we move house, when we have nicer clothes, more money. Wasting time thinking about what is not never makes it be.

We need to look at what we have, love what we have and go about increasing it. If we do not like it we need to change direction. We can play a large part in our future by examining our present and appreciating the good parts. Joy always comes from within not from new clothes, a car, a house, a holiday, a boyfriend. These are only temporary fixes though I admit they do take the sting out of dissappointments.

On these cold, miserable, rainy, windy days I do tend to look around my home and think what if and then I stop myself. I then try and improve something that I have and make it better knowing deep down that that is the answer.

Often, though, I still end up thinking how much nicer my life would be with a housekeeper, a pool and a chauffeur! There you go, I’m only human after all.


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