Posted by: Sheila | December 6, 2008

What is your favourite song?



Every one should have a favourite song. So if you do not have one yet get thinking about it. I always like to sing mine or at least think of mine as the day draws to a close as I find it relaxing and strangely promising. When I am minding little children I always ask them what their favourite song is and encourage them to sing along.

So, my favourite is simply “When you wish upon a star” Now I was singing this earlier and I got thinking. I know someone who had a simple idea for a book (clearly not me!) and I helped them to bring it to fruition thereby their dream came through. They had never wanted to write a book before, they had no idea how to go about it but yet they succeeded in publishing one. This gives me great hope. To see at close quarters an idea go from nothing almost, just a seed planted in someone’s head to a perfect bound paperback restores my faith in what is meant to be.

So what is your favourite song and why is it special to you? Does it remind you of a first kiss or first love or some great time in your life? Or are you like me and does it just give you hope, hope that the answer is out there if we just trust.

Think about your favourites today and if you do not have any ideas what they are then make a point of choosing some to inspire you and keep your hope alive.



  1. It’s interesting when you talk about a song almost playing on repeat in your mind, I actually think that it isn’t a case of being a favourite song but sometimes subconciously there is something contained in it that is trying to communicate with you,that you need to hear. Maybe you feel lost and it wants to make you feel you belong,maybe you have a pain you can’t let go of and it wants you to feel your not alone. Whatever it is I think it is deeper then we think.


  2. Fascinating thoughts, will think about that.
    Thanks for the comment


  3. On that subject, Imaginemaker, pop music basically works by ‘irritating’ you into remembering it’s tune. Perhaps this is true of all melodic-rhythmic music in fact. I posted about this very phenonmenon at


  4. I know what you mean about a song getting under your skin, but even still there are songs you just love that remind u of a time or a place in your life, & for me when I hear a song it can take me on a journey even if just for 3 minutes, music is a very strong force and in one way or another I think we all enjoy it. Having said that I hate the stupid songs I hate that get stuck in my head!!!


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