Posted by: Sheila | December 5, 2008




Rituals and festivals are great fun. Even if you are a non believer in Christmas and it’s story the whole month nearly sweeps you along in it’s path in any case. Instead of getting bogged down in present buying and shopping, take a little time out for some enjoyable Christmas rituals.

I would begin with the Christmas film. Me, I love the Gary Grant movie where he is an angel or Mary Poppins (even though it has nothing to do with Christmas!) or a Santa movie. Whatever you associate with that time, rent it, buy it or borrow it and get in the mood.

Next up after a hard days shopping I would recommend scented candles with nice chrismassy smells, incense and oils. You can just light these and continue on with whatever you are doing. With them in the background you should feel more relaxed as the festive air gathers.

If like me you just love winter/Christmas/candles/chocolate/open fires the lot then you must have the tree. Be it tiny or huge, real or fake, just one look at the lights and the decorations can almost make you feel whole again.

Finally get a stock of yummy food (for yourself) and a bunch of ready-made packets for the national emergencies like when that uncle finally decides to call in and settles down and dinner hour is approaching. Supermarkets these days are thankfully full of quick bake saviours and frozen ready-mades. Make full use of these inexpensive delights and get them in. No one will know or care if you cooked your apple crumble from scratch, it is you they are coming to see and better to be able to sit and chat with them rather than be slaving over a hot cooker.

So get festive and turn on those flicking Santa earrings. Christmas is coming, there is no going back now!

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