Posted by: Sheila | December 3, 2008

A small worthy act



Doing a small good deed can make us feel great for a few minutes or even an hour.

Nonetheless, doing a small good deed can make a huge difference to the receiver

On the other hand one nasty comment or unhelpful attitude can affect another individual more than we will ever know.

Choose every word and deed in life carefully. When we are really angry adrenaline is pumping through our veins and we are looking forward to speaking our angry mind. The release is magnificent, the remorse is long lasting. Guilty feelings of sudden angry outbursts far outweigh the initial thrill. They can in addition emotionally stunt a shy timid person or an individual with low self-confidence.

For every bad deed you do it takes many many good deeds to correct the balance.

For every good deed you do faith in human nature is restored. And the joy you bring ripples far and wide.


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