Posted by: Sheila | November 30, 2008



The summer brings with it many special gifts. Long summer days, lovely long evenings and often very little sleep! The winter on the other hand is luxurious. Getting home often in twilight or darkness, leading to long, snug winter evenings spent indoors all wrapped up. Going to bed early with a good book or hibernating in the duvet. Candlelit dinners for one, two or everyone with clinking glasses and warm chat.

In winter we withdraw and reflect. Our natural rhythm is beating to a different drum. Sometimes, in winter, I feel as if I am working a night shift often wakening in darkness and coming home in darkness.

Everything looks better in winter too. Rooms with discreet lightning almost look decorated. Fires glow and faces glow. We are now all wrapped up when we go outside, and come in rubbing our hands from the cold. Often I sit and stare out at the rain, pounding the glass and listen to the wind howl and call.

The promise of Christmas, the ending of another year beckons. We begin to make one last attempt at whatever dreams we held in this new year and promise ourselves that some will have been achieved, if not all.

Even if it’s been miserable and still is, life this year is drawing to a close. A new year is just around the corner. A new time to plan and prepare. For now, I prefer to just to soak up the Winter with the blowing wind and slippery paths, the coats and boots and warm pubs with open fires and hot ports. Every season plays a part- a role for us in our lives. This season embrace the Winter with all it’s blessings.

Make a Christmas list.

Plan how you will spend your few days off. Use the long evenings to rejuvenate, reflect and revive yourself after a busy year. Soon enough it will be Spring and it will all have to start again.

For now, for tonight, have a nice hot chocolate or a delicious hot port, put on your favourite nightwear and cosy slippers, snuggle up and enjoy the winter, it Is a treat and it Is all yours.



  1. There is positives of winter. Think of a burning fireplace cuddled up with a cup of hot cocoa and watching a holiday movie. Or staring out at the snow flakes quietly falling one by one and the stillness as they do fall. Doesn’t the snow look beautiful laying on the tree branches, so still, so peaceful.


  2. Yes I love the snow. As I live near the sea we rarely see snow but when we do it is a real treat.


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