Posted by: Sheila | November 29, 2008

Tension at work


I was thinking about all the jobs that I have had over the years. My little career began at the tender age of fourteen, one summer working behind a petrol station sorting entries for an art competition. As that was my first job in the outside world I have fond memories of that time, however looking back over the next number of years I am only now realising how much time I have wasted.

So many lunchtimes, evenings, nights, weekends and holidays have been wasted thinking about supervisors and bosses. Comments they have made that have worried or upset me. Judgements they have passed. So many evenings trying to analyse the why and the wherefores. Now, finally after years I realise what a waste of time that was. No amount of my agonising has made any difference to how they acted the next day. Whether I was wrong or right was never the point. People just are.

From here on in I am going to make an effort, a real effort, to not worry about a thoughtless comment made by a boss. To not ponder the bad times. To let them go and genuinely try and enjoy the little free time I have. Time to dream, sleep, eat, chat and live and not to waste time any longer wondering about some wally at work.



  1. The best bet is to stay positive and not focus on the negative. Be grateful for your accomplishments and be proud. Don’t let anyone take away from you.


  2. Thanks so much, that is good advice indeed.


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