Posted by: Sheila | November 28, 2008

A rush of blood to the head!


I had what is termed a rush of blood to the head the other day. I grabbed the secetars and ran out into our wild garden cutting back the weeds and pruning the roses. It was truly exhilarating. I cut them well back and I am hopeful that in the Spring they shall flourish and no longer feel neglected. Having savaged the back garden I made for the front. When I had removed all the debris and dead wood I realised that the garden is bare and the hedge is overgrown. I vow to get some winter plants this weekend and cheer up my tiny patch. It’s so small that there is no excuse for it not to look pretty. And only when I removed all the old flowers and cut back the bushes did I realise what it actually looked like.

Winter is an indoor time or a bustling windy moving quickly outside time. Me I am doing the groundwork now in the garden so that in the Spring little flowers have space to pop up and bushes are well rested and ready to flourish. Be it a window box or a long stretch of lawn we can all have a garden and tending it can be very rewarding. The results are rarely instant but the discipline requires concentration, which as a sideline is great for quietening a busy mind. So plant something or cut something or just weed something. Just get in touch with nature. It is sleeping now but when it awakens it will thank you a hundred fold.


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