Posted by: Sheila | November 26, 2008

The Clan



Whoever your clan are your thoughts begin to turn to them at this time of year. In some ways we look forward to Christmas, lovely food, presents, atmosphere and general excitement. In other ways we dread family those we call our own (be they biological family or not) due to squabbles, discussions, personality traits and the stress of all spending hours together when we normally only meet up periodically.

As we grow older our clan changes. Some depart by natural means others just leave; there are new arrivals too in the face of in-laws, partners and children. The dynamic of the family is ever changing but one thing is for sure, your family is your family.

We tend to take our family a little for granted. These days in most families someone moves away and it’s hard to keep the effort up with time differences, cultural division and meeting up only rarely. Still, we must. We had our childhood’s together with our siblings and be that good or bad it is our foundation. No one we meet since then can share our innocent youthful days. Memories we have forever, family are only in transit. We need to make the effort to keep in touch and meet up and keep the link strong and firm.

When we take it for granted it might seem to slip away from us. But our clan will always be there, it is just up to us to make the time for them. So this season take a deep breath, be patient and invite the awkward relations over. it is just one visit and who knows we might even enjoy it.


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