Posted by: Sheila | November 25, 2008

Imaginary insights


I love Dubai and Saudi and documentaries about Arabic countries and I have no idea why. I am intrigued by satellite stations where I can enjoy learning about cultures and lives far removed from my own Irish existence. I have no idea why this is and it is not shared by anyone in my family (that I know of) thereby making it all the more intriguing.

Truly getting to know who you are, what you like,  and what you are interested in is so very important for feeling whole. It is like trying different lipsticks till you find the colour that suits you, working out what eyeshadow reflects your eyes best. These are all bringing you closer to you. Learning what your taste is and what you enjoy brings you to a deeper level of understanding and connects you to yourself. Realising what people, hobbies, occupations, books, in fact in all spheres of life interest you, these insights deepen your well of personality and you and will help you to be authentic. This in turn lets you feel whole and so connects you to your creator as you finally understand (and then learn to accept) who really you are.

So, get thinking, pick a subject and analyse what you like and dislike. Get a bit of what you like and notice how well it feels. Be good to yourself and use your imaginary insights to give you the fuel for life.


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