Posted by: Sheila | November 24, 2008

Faraway hills

24novfarawayhillsHow often have I looked through magazines or on television or the Internet and I have seen the women who have it all- looks, lifestyle, lots of money and a gorgeous man on their arm. It is difficult not to be a little jealous, as on the surface it all looks rosy. Still those same media will in no time be telling us dreadful stories, to shock us, of drug addiction, break up or some other crisis. We often are almost relieved at their sadness thinking it was too good to be true and so our lives seem better already.

Sometimes those people are very happy, sometimes they are not. The couch you crave in the catalogue may or may not be comfy: you will not know till you have sat on it for a few weeks. The one you have you know you love or hate. Chasing that rainbow makes your life become the chase. You forget to enjoy what you have as you plough ahead for what others appear to have.

The key is to love the hill you are sitting on today. To admire it’s beauty and simplicity and naturally welcome more beauty into it. Soon you will be surrounded by immense beauty. It is great to plan and want to get more out of life. But firstly, you must appreciate the joy in your life today and we must move away from getting our heads too involved in the lives of others thereby missing out on our own.



  1. Couldn’t agree more. Well said! Thank you.


  2. Thanks for the support, it is lovely to get the feedback.


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