Posted by: Sheila | November 23, 2008

Expect the unexpected


In life circumstances are ever changing. This is especially true of home life where situations can change in a matter of minutes. We want it to be one way and it can so be another. Our expectation can be a tidy living room and within minutes it resembles a scene from a horror film, spillage’s, mess, destruction. If we have built up too much of a perfect scenario in our heads than the come down can be awful.

It is the same with a project we are working on in our business life or a meal ruined because someone forgot to stir/turn it/preheat it or whatever. Our reactions to this mini crisis can be often worse than the circumstances itself. A spillage can appear practically minor in comparison to my dismay and coping mechanisms as I clean it up.

So here is a life tip. Things rarely go just as you imagine and often turn out to be just fine. Drinks will spill, homework will go undetected, projects will often not be appreciated, dinner will burn, and clothes sometimes remain in a wet crumpled heap. It’s okay. While wishing and hoping for perfection and visualising it is a powerful tool, knowing it can go wrong in the best places helps us to prepare our reaction so that in the unlikely occurrence that it does we are not upsetting ourselves even more by our own response.


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