Posted by: Sheila | November 22, 2008

Exposure to the elements



It rained again today. Other nations often comment how in Ireland our climate is a genuine topic of conversation. What the temperature is. Are the winds bad?

Are the roads treacherous? It is with good reason that we analyse the weather as it can change throughout the day and does change rapidly throughout our small island.

For me though the weather can be both good and bad.

In the early morning you can be met with howling wind, rain pelting the window as dark as night yet it is morning. In my opinion no one in their right mind wants to get up yet gyms all over the land are filling with enthusiastic people working for a fit body. Me, I am crawling out of bed just because I have to and with a heavy heart.

As the day wears on I become accustomed to the weather and if I do not have to go out then I can begin to enjoy it. I love the sounds of the rain beating on the roof or the window, the wind roaring and blowing outside and rarely, magically the gentle fall of snow on the grass.

Funnily enough when I have to do pickups or go the shops or run an errand of some sort bad weather is a lot less appalling. Once I am out in it the strength and force of the weather hits me and I truly feel alive.

So its true what they say that in Ireland we have four seasons in one day and many more moods besides.


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