Posted by: Sheila | November 21, 2008

The dusting can wait


I have always thought the whole dusting phenoneum was a bit of a waste of time. I am not saying that I do not do it, just that invariably when done within days (especially in an old house) it looks like you never did it and it needs to be done again. Bearing that in mind it along with polishing objects, cutting grass, trimming hedges or whatever other household jobs must be done is important to do, just not necessarily at that moment.

You know how it goes, you waken up some morning full of the joys and decide this day you are going to tackle everything. That day, your home is going to look like a new pin. (This in my case is often not entirely unconnected with a pending visitor! But no matter) So you set about your tasks working with gusto then suddenly a family member or a friend needs a chat. You tell them you are busy and can they wait. Often they wander off and afterwards tell you it was nothing or they ring you but you are afraid to answer your phone in case you upset your flow.

There is another choice though, that you put down that duster and sit down for a few moments. It might take five-minutes or an hour but afterwards you realise that though the housework sits undone, it will still be there tomorrow and if you let the friendly opportunity pass the moment today will have been lost. Sitting down on the job and listening completely to the other person requires great self-control. However, if you can let go your expectation of how the day was to go and instead go with the flow you will feel much happier and your family or friends will be very grateful. The dusting can wait.


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