Posted by: Sheila | November 19, 2008



Friends are just the best ever invention. Now I know that they are not just created overnight and that they evolve. I know also that friends made younger and held on to are few and far between. I know too that friends made, as you grow older know only one side of you or one stage of your journey.

However friends cannot be bettered. They are the best medicine. A nice chat by phone or coffee shop with a mate is the best tonic that you can get. When you least feel like a friend to talk to, you most need one. So no hiding, just ring her or pop in to her. She doesn’t even have to know you are stressed, just seeing her will cheer you up and when she sees you a new entity is formed, the bond between both of you. This energy is wonderful and will surpass (even if only for that hour or two) all your worries and cares.

The other day I received an invitation from an old friend for Christmas dinner. Now not just me but my whole family. We are invited to stay over and to have a full mini Christmas in early December!!! It is such a lovely idea. All our children will get together and we will all catch up with no worries of baby-sitters, taxis, expensive menus or anything else. We are all so excited. Something as simple as breaking bread together has developed a life of it’s own. Board games, guitars and cards are being muted. We cannot wait. There is nothing like a relaxing get together with people you love. It has a soul all of its’ own. You and your friend together are so much more than the two of you apart. It is never just the sum of two parts. So think of us in early December, in candlelight, toasting Christmas! We cannot get to do it on the real day so we have just shifted it and the great thing is we will get to do it all over again in our own home on December 25th.

Only a good and thoughtful friend could come up with something as lovely as that.



  1. Friendships are a way to personal happiness. A friend is there no matter what or when. Spending time with a friend, there is no greater pleasure. It’s those friends who you may speak to once per year but when you do it’s like you have talked all year long. The conversation picked up where it left off and goes from there.


  2. That is so true, we often think of our friends a lot more than we speak to them, a true friend always is just that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts,


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