Posted by: Sheila | November 18, 2008



Sometimes it can be really difficult to finish things. They say that in a marathon you hit a wall and feel as if you cannot go on. When you do you are well over half way there. I am an Aquarius, if you follow the zodiac. Apparently someone once told me that they are renowned for not finishing anything. Endless chores remain unfinished and new ones started are continually added to the list.

This comment has certainly sparked me on and I have vowed to prove them wrong. Watching other people around me succeed at what they wanted to do has encouraged me also. So often we have given up on something when it was so near succeeding I could nearly smell it.

Now I realise the main distinction between them and me is just one thing. That time when they were sick of it, that time when they felt like they could not go on. That time when everything went wrong. They took a little time out but then kept going. They just didn’t give up. So what’s the difference between a person who can drive/swim/cook/fly or whatever it is and one who cannot? It is the belief that they can and the focus to continue, finish and succeed. So today, I shall try to finish tidying the kitchen, reading that magazine, sending those emails and all the little jobs I do every day and hopefully I will get one step closer to completion.


  1. Marathon runners often say the biggest mistake you can make is to drop your arms when you hit that wall you mention, Sheila.

    Or in the word of Samuel Beckett: “I can’t go on. I must go on. I’ll go on”


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