Posted by: Sheila | November 17, 2008

Spiritual messages


The universe or more particularly the angels are often trying to give us spiritual messages, little hints if only we are willing to listen. From time to time in life we wonder if we are on the right track, personally or career wise. The years are passing and we wonder are we any closer to what we should be doing? Oh and what is that anyway?

For me a stranger suggested a career path for me. A month later an in-law whom I hardly know said the same. A friend suggested a website containing the same career and then the other day a best friend of twenty odd years recommended the exact same career. Each of them volunteered it without encouragement. I never even said I was wondering about changing my own career at all. And though none of them know each other they all suggested the same path.

I think that now I may have to listen to those whisperings. I am always hoping for guidance and saying the odd quick prayer for just that. Let us hope I now have the bravery and wisdom to follow through what is maybe a slice of my calling. It took all those hints for me to pay attention goodness knows what other gems I have missed along the way. I will try (and probably fail!) to be more attentive in the future.


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