Posted by: Sheila | November 16, 2008



We all yearn for serenity-for acceptance, tranquillity, calm and peace in our lives. Once in a while with all the distractions we forget that it is attainable at all. It at times seems to be just for others at least that is how we choose to see it. Serenity however is our gift to receive when we will give over the attachment to outcome and release the control in our lives.

Sometimes all it takes is a reminder, a tiny glimpse of peace in our lives to restore our faith and to allow us to let go. That flicker of light though has to be seen to be believed.

So when you feel life is getting too much, when you are worrying, panicking and trying (but failing ) to control one or many outcomes then stop and listen to the voice within. Listen to your spirit and you will hear the faraway whisper of a warm summer’s day, a beautiful painting, a classic piece of music or whatever opens your window to calm. Be still and listen, hear it getting louder and then you know serenity is coming your way.

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