Posted by: Sheila | November 15, 2008

It is never too late


I had super plans for a sibling’s birthday last year. It was a big birthday one of those landmark ones and I, who love celebrations was going to pull out all the stops. Well everything went wrong and the result was pretty miserable. So much so that the person didn’t even know what I had planned. Over the last year this has niggled in my head and now I am ready to fix it.

I, thanks to the modern email, sent a message to my faraway sibling offering my apologies for the big lack of any event last year. A delicious cake and coffee is also winging it is way to him. I am hoping that the surprise will over shadow the disappointment he might have felt last year.

It is a whole year on but it feels like just the right time to right the wrong. At times situations need to sit for a little while before we can mend them. Arguments similarly do not always harden with age and often on calm reflection everyone feels a little silly. But no one feels ready to back down yet.

I once received a wedding gift three years after the wedding and I was delighted to receive it!

Better late than not at all.

So, whatever you forgot to do, didn’t bother to do or just wish you had done, If It is at all possible set it straight now, you will feel so much better. Otherwise, let it go and move on. Nonetheless in my experience it is never too late!

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