Posted by: Sheila | November 14, 2008

Laughter is still the best medicine!


The best and the worst situations are always improved by a good laugh. Occasionally it is very difficult to laugh because we are so tense. Sometimes we have almost trained ourselves not to laugh for whatever reason. And thankfully from time to time our faces spontaneously open up and we laugh from deep within and it feels really good.

When you give a funny present to someone there is always that moment at the last minute where we panic if they will find it funny or not. When someone tells you a long joke you are often laughing long before the punchline.

Laughing is contagious and can relieve the tensest of situations.

It has an important often underutilised role to play in our lives.

People who laugh a lot generally are healthier, happier and live longer.

So make an effort to get in touch with the joker within and laugh like you really mean it.

Roll your head back, smile, think of something funny and go for it. You will feel much better.



  1. Laughter releases anxiety and stress. Laughter can also lead to personal happiness. When you find yourself becoming that tense, just think and accept–What is, is.


  2. how true that is, the happiest most relaxed people I know laugh the most!Thanks for taking the time to comment and for dropping by,


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