Posted by: Sheila | November 13, 2008



Over a decade ago I buried a close relative around this time of year. November traditionally makes us think of our dead and I am no exception to this. When people tell you that we do not know the day or the hour we will go, that can be hard to take in. We imagine very old people in nursing homes or hospitals and rarely think of ourselves with our youth and vitality.

The truth is sadly, that death will come to us all eventually. It truly is a part of life. You never forget a dead loved one, or stop missing them every now and again, but as the years go by you do see that people are born and people die and there is a certain cycle to it all.

The sadness comes when you are mourning a loss and life moves on. We imagine that other people forget or seem not to care. However everyone’s time-scale for mourning is contrasted and just right for them. Our memories fade and all of us would at some time love to hear that voice or see that smile just once more.

In truth, we all have different ways to cope, contrary ways to deal with it and often others are mourning so much that they cannot express it in a way we can understand.

We all feel the pain of loss when we lose someone we are close to, it just sometimes helps to remember that we all express it in our own distinct way and that that is just fine.


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