Posted by: Sheila | November 12, 2008

Remembrance Sunday


Around now in Ireland and other countries we celebrate Remembrance Sunday. This is a Sunday when we remember all those who fought in wars and died. Yesterday was the anniversary of the last day of World War 1.

We can wear a red poppy as a symbol of their memory. War, whether you believe it is necessary or not, is a fact of life. People fight in villages, towns, cities and then countries over all sorts of issues mostly relating to power and greed. Some fights are for freedom though and are the cry of the citizen to be allowed to be themselves and live in harmony and with peace.

We often look at media coverage of invasions past or present and see them presented as the only choice. Nations wish to civilise nations with guns and bombs. I used to get very angry about this and then realised my anger and violent attitude was as bad (though on a much smaller scale) as the thugs behind these “wars”.

Peace so I believe in the magical world of ours can only come if we as partners, families, communities and nations are kind to each other. If we support one another. Let us allow others their freedom of expression and put down our guns. Today, I remember my ancestors who fought for my freedom, tragic deaths that could so easily have been avoided. Without these brave men and women I would not be here today living my carefree life. War is not simple, war is not pretty and I pray in the future will not be necessary.


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