Posted by: Sheila | November 10, 2008

Let your dream’s grow


We have been getting our kitchen renovated recently as I live in an old house and the kitchen was almost scary. I had a dream of the perfect kitchen and to fuel this positive thinking I cut out kitchens I liked and stored them and looked at them every now and again. When the man came finally six years after moving into my home I was so excited. My dream was going to come true. I would no longer be embarrassed. I would have the state of the art kitchen. When Jim (that was his name) told me he did not have all the parts and would be back very soon, I clung to my dream with gusto. Here was my big mistake. Every day I looked at the half made kitchen and as the days rolled into weeks and weeks rolled into months I got really mad about it. I wanted it so badly that I just could not let it go. I did my best. I got a decent craftsman, I saved the money.

Eventually I had to let it go. I had to release my dream back out into the world. I had to accept that the strange half finished kitchen could really be no more embarrassing than the old one. When I finally did this after two months of phonecalls and broken promises I felt great relief. After all it was only a room. Today, as I write this, it looks unlikely I shall have a functioning kitchen for Christmas but even still I am letting it go. Carrying it around has been way too much of a burden.

Dreams are powerful, possibly life changing vibrations that demand a lot of planning courage and a great leap of faith. But after we put the dream out there after all the work is done we must let go and release it so it can become something. Holding onto it is like grabbing water, it just slips through your fingers. So whatever your dream is, be it a book, a new job, a new kitchen, a new child, a holiday, whatever it may be, do the ground work, do your best then let it go and let it grow.


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