Posted by: Sheila | November 9, 2008



I used to think that anger was a bad thing. That people who got annoyed about things were being bad or upsetting people needlessly. In life we all have situations with which we are not entirely happy. If we deal with them as they come along we have a good chance of not carrying them around. Strong anger comes when we let them build up inside us and then one small thing tips them out all over the place.

Healthy relationships, as we know, thrive on communication. An important part of that communication is letting someone know when you are not happy about something. Then you can both deal with it. If you hold on to it then it grows and along with that comes resentment and more anger. When we are telling the other person how we feel we need to concentrate on how we feel and not on how we think they made us feel. Letting someone know how you feel keeps them informed, helps your relationship and releases the anger from us.

I had a friend when I was growing up who never got angry. Nothing seemed to especially bother him and he was very easy going. He always seemed to be happy enough even though in his life there were signs that all was not as it should be. By twenty years of age he had lost his whole stomach. He had never got mad at anyone ever properly. He just held it all in and it gradually began to eat him up. Now I know that that is an extreme example, however it is true that anger held inside festers and grows and anger shared is released and never seems as bad as we thought.

So acknowledge your anger. It is a normal part of life and if you let it be then you can enjoy a less stressed existence than if you try and hide it.


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