Posted by: Sheila | November 6, 2008



Fun is a requisite human activity. Fun is not something to be saved for when we have done something really good or as a reward. Fun is an essential key to life. Enjoyment of what is around us is what we were born to do.

Enjoying life makes it worthwhile and fun. Going around with a sour face and the weight of the world on our shoulder holds us back, in this case it is almost impossible to enjoy life.

So, have as much enjoyment as you can in life, provide lots of fun to yourself and to those around you. Life is what it is and you have the choice to get as much out of it as you can or to wallow in the darkness. Choose fun.

Your contribution could turn out to be as important as inventing the light bulb or the Ipod you just never know the difference you can make to the lives of others.


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