Posted by: Sheila | November 4, 2008


This time of year some of us go into a sort of hibernation. We are up and out when it is barely light and home in darkness. For me then, I just cannot wait to jump into bed and just be. The winter brings with it it’s own joy of rest and recovery. Taking it easy before the Christmas madness kicks in. When we sleep in bed at night we accept this as something we must do. We see it as inevitable to our existence. When we rest in bed we are just simply being not doing. As a result I feel so refreshed and renewed, it is a ritual I really enjoy.

Now with all the darkness of this month, create a bit of atmosphere.

Make your bedroom really relaxing. Decorate it with soft lighting and comforting books, and great bedware and comfy pillows. Think of the amount of hours a week you spend in bed. Let the room reflect it. If it is a bit of a dumping ground for objects out of sight, sort and shift them. Be ruthless. Having a lovely living area is no good if your slumber is marked with old objects long past their usefulness or bills or clutter of any kind.

You deserve the best. So make a nice bedroom so that when you fall into slumber you are happy and relaxed and when you waken you are greeted with beautiful simplicity and order. You know you are worth it so do it today, no one will know if you do not but you will feel so much better.


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