Posted by: Sheila | November 3, 2008


November is the month we traditionally remember our dead. A loss of any kind is a hard thing to bear. As a child the loss of a pet can seem to break your heart. As you grow older distinct types of loss face you and you try to learn to deal with them.

It doesn’t get any easier with age. There are no absolute rules. It’s not the same for everyone.

What is certain is eventually we shall all die. Yet though we know this and it is the only real certainty in life, we do not consciously prepare for it.

When you lose someone close for the first time the shock is quite striking. The sobering thought that it CAN happen to you. The realisation that the world still spins. That loss can cut deep into your heart and may never truly heal. There are many excellent books widely available on the subject so I shall not attempt to replicate them.

However, here are some things I try to remember when loss has me feeling down.

They wouldn’t want you to be sad.

It’s okay to miss them.

When you are ready speak of them often because they were so special and their memory should be honoured and remembered.

Finally, realise you are still here and your job is not yet done, so go do it as that’s what they would want for you.


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