Posted by: Sheila | November 1, 2008

All Hallows (All saints day)

This is the eve of All Souls Day and so tonight is the night people have the most vivid dreams. People who have recently died and whose spirits feel they have unfinished business on earth often use this night to revisit us in a dream. The mental images are remarkably lucid and authentic and they are the types where you waken up suddenly and nearly think it happened for real. (Which it did in a way)

It is also the day we remember all our saints. Each church has it’s own patron saint, ours is St. Patrick. If you do not attend a church maybe you are called a saints name and you do not even know it.

Do you know what your name means? Do you know anything about your saint? The Internet is wonderful for this. It is said that our names are predestined for us long before we are born. There are websites on which you can look up your name and they tell you what a person with the name is like. These are a bit of fun, but they get you thinking. Or you could simply look up a baby book of names. Every saint has their own day on which they are remembered. When you find out yours it is a good day to remember them on and maybe ask for a favour. If you do not know any saints and don’t really understand then here is it simply.

I bet you know some remarkably selfless people living or dead. They are very unique and special and in their company you feel special too. Some saints reach their sainthood through being made a saint by the Pope. Many, many others die and are unnoticed and are truly saintly people.

Saints can be single, married or anything. They give of themselves, enjoy life and rejoice in the world. Maybe you could look up your name or a name you always liked today and then remember someone who touched you, maybe they are likewise a saint.


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