Posted by: Sheila | October 31, 2008

Halloween-Oiche Shamhna

Halloween as you may already know is a traditional celebration all over the western world. It began as a pagan Celtic festival but now is celebrated by children and adults alike regardless of religion.

Tonight once it gets dark the children on our road will don costumes and head out to trick or treat getting sweets from the neighbours. Some windows and porches are decorated and that is just by the adults. In our town there will be many bonfires and fireworks. The older children will sit around watching horror movies joyously terrifying themselves. The adults often host costume parties and dress up as all sorts!

Our house is no exception and is suitably decorated with bats, spiders and pumpkins. We have a barn brack (fruit cake) with the obligatory ring inside.

We play games like bite the apple, and tell ghost stories by candlelight. We all have a sense of the spiritual, the mysterious and that this night is different.

Traditions such as this one are so important in life and not just for the children. We all need to feel a part of something every so often so even if we do not dress up, have a party or have any callers. It’s a feeling, a sense of being. It is dark outside and there are witches and wizards and super heroes wandering around the roads all evening, it’s the last day of autumn the beginning of winter and the eve of all hallows.


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