Posted by: Sheila | October 29, 2008

Around now clocks go back one hour

Or as the Americans say”spring forward and fall back”. I must admit this is the only way I can ever remember to do this. It is a funny tradition but in a way we look forward to it. Everyone has to remember it is always around now on the last Saturday of the month. Some people always forget and arrive really early for everything or get up an hour early and are all confused. The time changes at about 2am and unless you have changed every clock in the house including your phone it can be really confusing. For the next week or so you will feel like you are going to bed an hour late.

For me it means my official hibernation has begun. I can now without guilt wear pjs from 8pm as it is pitch dark at 5pm and 8pm feels like midnight I can watch TV in bed because its cold. I can have as much hot chocolate I want, light roaring fires and singularly soak up the autumn and winter. It is symbolic, like a changing seasons and reminds us that time is only a number.


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