Posted by: Sheila | October 27, 2008

What you say is how you feel

Have you ever noticed that when you say mean even if they seem true comments about a person to their face or behind their back though you may feel satisfied for an instant very soon a negative feeling enters your heart.

A low remark made to a person’s face is very distressing for the person who receives it. A comment made behind their back means that they cannot defend themselves at all and is far from fair.

When we made remarks about others, about themselves and about their behaviour we rarely know their full story and we pass a miserable judgement that we believe will in some way make ourselves feel better. The reverse is actually true. A bitter tongue makes a bitter taste. No one feels good for long after tearing someone’s personality apart. Even the person we are speaking to may eventually begin to wonder what we say about them behind their backs and begin to trust us less and less.

When we look at positive attributes and make only clear contributions when appropriate a different vibe surrounds us and we feel much happier. A compliment or friendly comment given away results in us having a much happier day than a flippant jibe even if we feel justified in the moment.

So think of this, it is true that we are what we eat and it is true that how we speak is how we are. Speak well, speak happy and speak healthily.


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