Posted by: Sheila | October 26, 2008

Do as I do not as I say

In life when we are in relationships in work, home or family we often expect people to act in a certain way. We want calm, patient souls in tune with themselves and there we are being manic and busy alongside them. Small wonder that they do not perform, as we would like. People, be they adults or children generally are, in some small way, lead one way or the other by what they see.

Today make a special effort to act, as you want others to act. If you want a caring partner be caring. If you want calm children then calm down. If you want efficient workers then work efficiently. We can talk our own ears off about a subject but there is nothing like the real thing. Most people tune out after the first sentence (or as my man refers to it he goes into standby) so they often miss the big point you are making. Much fewer people miss the actions.

So today think about what is missing most in one area of your life and set about cultivating it-in yourself.


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