Posted by: Sheila | October 25, 2008

A knight in shining armour

Sadly there is no knight in shining armour coming for any of us. Sorry to burst that bubble but we all need to know that. The idea that there is a magic person out there to make us feel wonderful all the time is an illusion that so regularly lets us down that it is better to let it go altogether.

If I wait for another to bring me happiness, make me feel like more of a woman, then I am looking outside of myself to find happiness. We are auditioning friends or boyfriends to make us happy and live up to our expectations. Instead we must make ourselves happy and accept that people are people and people are human and have good and bad qualities. Now and then we are in an unhealthy relationship and afterwards judge the next boyfriend by the previous boyfriend’s standards. This is a big mistake. If we wait for someone to let us down then we will be watching for that and concentrating on that. No one is perfect and if we constantly look for perfection we will be disappointed. But if we are grateful for what we have, and appreciate what comes our way we will enjoy life considerably more. Focusing on a partner’s good points will encourage them to increase them and give them the confidence to develop who they are. Then they may in a totally novel way begin to feel like our knight in shining armour.

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