Posted by: Sheila | October 24, 2008

A painful past

Strangely enough if you think about it the pain of the past does not come from the past .It comes from not loving ourselves enough in the present. We do not sort a past problem by constantly sinking into it. If we do then we keep feeling how we felt, again and again and never really feel like we are getting anywhere. We however get to the light by facing the light. By taking something very sad from our lives that we feel really hurt or traumatised about and then feeling it through in safe surroundings then we eventually realise that it can no longer hurt us. We must turn from the dark and face the light.

I used to think about school when I was little and incidents that upset me. The more I thought about them the more miserable I felt. I would become once again that lonely lost child staring into a bleak future alone and frightened. Instead one day I let myself look at what had happened when I was young and allowed myself to feel sorry for the little one. To see how brave and scared she was and to shower her with love. In doing so I walked into the light and left the darkness behind. Over time now when I think of my younger schooldays I no longer feel sad or upset. I feel compassion for a lost soul and love for myself. It took time but it was doable I left the darkness behind and faced the light.


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