Posted by: Sheila | October 23, 2008

Are you bored yet?

I always believed that the only people who got bored in life, you know those people who wander around aimlessly saying that they are bored, well, I thought that they were just boring people. I felt life has so much to offer and there is so much to be done how could they possibly be bored. Well I have had a small shift in my perception of this, which I must share with you.

Mostly in life when we are eating our dinner, we are pondering our dessert or our tea or coffee, whatever is coming next. When we are coming home from work we are thinking about our evening. When we do any one thing we are planning the next and the next. It is just like the supermarket conveyor belt. It just goes on and on.

Suppose if you just stopped-dead in your tracks and for say an hour or even half an hour. Did absolutely nothing. First you might feel bored and fidgety but then what? Then after worrying about what you should do and what had to be done, then you would start to relax. This will only work if you have promised yourself a length of boredom time say half an hour at first so that your mind knows that no matter what needs to be done, this is what you will be doing. Being bored.

So after a few minutes, your mind will calm down, your body will relax (you have no choice!) and you can really enjoy it. It’s actually relaxing. Encouraging yourself to slot some down time into your day is a really good idea especially if like me you are one of those busy busy people. So next time your friend, siblings or child tells you that they are bored. Encourage them to enjoy it, revel in it and then they will not be asking you to find them a solution!

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