Posted by: Sheila | October 22, 2008

Being genuine

Two mechanisms happen, as you grow older. One is your ageing face, your ageing body, slight drooping and greying hair. The other is far more interesting and best concentrated on. As years roll by and life teaches you all sorts, your face changes. Take a pair of twins identical at birth, well by thirty, and more so by sixty they will still look similar but quite distinct if you look properly.

How you live and learn shows in your face. And as you get older you become more the person that you were born to be. You become real. As you allow yourself to be authentic your face develops an attractiveness all it’s own. You may not have perfect skin anymore or a great figure but there is something.

When you live your life, as you should following your instinct and being true to yourself you develop an inner beauty. People are drawn to this far more than any cosmetic or perfume. Your knowledge that being real is okay is infectious and once you start to live like that you will feel much happier.

You may look funny or old or just less than perfect but that is not what people will remember. People will remember the sparkle in your eyes, the wisdom in your face and the innate sincerity in you.



  1. Very inspiring. Loved reading this.
    Wicklow Town


  2. Good for me to read too and to remind myself as the ageing process progresses, sometimes it is hard to accept as I have an image in my head of what I look like which often does not match reality,
    thanks for the comment-really appreciate it


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