Posted by: Sheila | October 20, 2008


Imagine if you wandered through life complaining of all the mistakes your parents made or even some. Many of us are guilty of this at one time or another. They never praised me. They never encouraged me. They never took an interest or something completely different and maybe even quite serious. While it is sad when our childhood’s or some past event did not go according to our plan. It is sadder still when we have felt frightened or afraid or neglected in some way or another as a result.

In this instance we must especially try not to allow it take hold over our lives. If we feel we were never encouraged or not encouraged enough than we should always make sure that we encourage others as much as possible. The same applies to compliments, love, support or whatever it is that has upset us.

Otherwise, being a victim whilst initially producing sympathy will also produce a wound that we are not allowing to heal. Then we are carrying the hurt in our lives and it is still controlling us. Choosing love over that fear releases the pain. Choosing to give loads of what we feel we lack or lacked builds it up in us. When we let it go then we can feel whole again and have a chance at not having to carry that pain day in day out like a label on our clothes.

A victim is not in control of the problem. A person who allows himself or herself to heal knows the pain and never forgets it but they do not let it own them. They do not give it that control. We are worth so much more than any self-label. We have so much to offer. So today if something is paining you, try and put it to some good use and so help yourself to heal. You deserve to be happy, so start positively planning for it.


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