Posted by: Sheila | October 19, 2008

Choice-Break the cycle

In life our thoughts often turn to the future and so naturally past remembrances are often how we judge how our future will be.

We cannot heal the past in the past we can only heal it in the now and try not to let it hold us ransom for the future. We should not look at a situation and put the stamp of the past on it. Just because something has happened many times in the past we can chose to deal with it in a different way the next time it occurs. If there is something we always do or an outcome that always happens, we can change that. That’s a very powerful thought. The power of change.

The future is not to be feared. Each new experience no matter how similar it is to another is distinct in it’s own right and so we must react to it in a unique way.

So, if you are concerned over an exam, a relationship, a job or any event, look on it positively. Look on it with love and choose to change the outcome if you need to. It may not miraculously change as we want it to right now but it will heal, the cycle will be broken and we will be able to move on.


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