Posted by: Sheila | October 17, 2008

Releasing the old

We are in the process of doing up our house. Well, we have been since we moved in eight years ago. It is an ongoing project. In that time we have accumulated all sorts and let go very little. Now finally I am accepting that I live in a small house with an ever-growing family.

It is with some sadness that I am letting old objects go. However it is with great relief that I now know my living room is not that small after all. It was just cluttered. Clearing out my childhood antique dining table has left me room to properly see how the living area can be arranged.

There is much talk of letting go of instances and memories. Well letting go of objects has it’s importance also. The release of objects leaves space for refreshing new ones and new designs, new experiences. Becoming overly attached to objects is unhealthy. I should know, over the years I have revered articles that in retrospect really didn’t matter. You can imagine how it goes. Carrying old suits from house to house or strange souvenirs or old school copies. Every time I do a clear out I am amazed how much I still have, as I imagine I have gotten rid of it all already.

So today look around your home. Are you tired of your wall clock? Do you deserve a change? Would someone else appreciate it a lot more? Is it time it went to a new home? This is true in clothes, make up and in furniture. Yet with furniture we often tend to hold on to it long past it’s sell by date. Remember what you love today you may not love next week.


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