Posted by: Sheila | October 16, 2008

Manage your own mood

Yesterday’s calm was soon sullied by a tough morning at the office. I was reminded of my own advice to respond rather than react and I was tried to my limit by a co-worker. At one point as I contemplated smashing a window or running out of the office in frustration I remembered. The choice. I had a choice to cry or a choice to laugh. My reflex reaction would always have been tears and misery and victim. However on this occasion after my initial outburst and fury, I made a huge breakthrough.

I did not let the situation take hold of me. I held on to my good humour and let the other person be whatever way they wished to be. I still did my job and completed my work but I did not let them dictate my mood. This has taken years of work to get this far, yet I know it is early days and I could slip back at any moment. I am reminded that the greatest teachers in life are those that irritate us the most.

So next time you are strung out and being annoyed by someone, see how you too can break that cycle and manage your own mood. Try it, it is extraordinarily satisfying and it gives you once again control over your own life which is how it should be.


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