Posted by: Sheila | October 15, 2008


It was a fine day for mid October which can be rare enough in Ireland and I braved the garden with two of my two little ones. Picking up weeds and generally tidying up helped me to loose myself for an hour or two. I had forgotten the therapeutic relaxing quality of the outside world. Nature working away unknowing anything about the concerns of the modern world.

Even though I only cleared a tiny morsel of the garden, for that time I was lost in my work as I removed nettles and weeds and swept a path to the grass. Working outside is all absorbing and is a great way to forget the endless chatter that goes on in our head. It is much nicer to breath in fresh air and hear a bird singing and the wind blowing than to sit in a central heated building listening to it on a machine. Yet today we are more inclined sometimes to do just that.

So give nature a chance be it on a balcony, in a park, or in any green area. Return to simplicity . Return to the land and so in turn, return to you.

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