Posted by: Sheila | October 12, 2008


One of my sons is learning to speak at the moment. Watching him come out with single words and gestures to be understood makes me recognise how complicated communication is. So often in companies I have spoken to colleagues and thought that I had communicated a subject only to realise afterwards that I was totally misunderstood.

Watching my little boy’s frustrations at being understood is a reminder to me of how we all speak to each other. So often we do not spell out what we really want to say. Especially to those close to us. Then we are upset when they do not pick up that message about emptying a bin or helping around the house

I am going to take a leaf from my little fella from now on and say exactly what I mean. Mind you I do not think I shall shout it and stamp my foot But I will be more direct and who knows even then I may still go unheard but at least I shall have made a concerted effort.


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