Posted by: Sheila | October 11, 2008

Bearing Witness

I was lucky enough to attend a wedding in Croatia recently. At the meal I was placed beside the priest and naturally we started to talk. We had an interesting chat about the world and life. One thing he said really struck a chord with me afterwards.

I asked him what his job was and he told me all he did- retreats, masses, prison chaplain, college chaplain and so on. He was a busy man. After all that explanation he told me that his job was actually to bear witness to the truth. To live a live that would inspire others. To lead by example. It was a breath of fresh air. All he owed himself was a computer and two suitcases of possessions but he was the happiest, most content person that I had met in a long while. He was truly bearing witness to what he believed in. I got to thinking about myself and I have decided that I will make an effort to live what I say I believe. It will not be easy but he will be my inspiration.


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