Posted by: Sheila | October 8, 2008

Charisma-originally came from a religious term meaning “of the spirt” “inspired”.

Have you ever met a person and felt that they had a certain something? When they entered a room it was like a light went on. Someone you met once who had such a sparkle it stayed with you long after they left.

It is hard to put your finger on what their attraction really is. It is an invisible force that makes visible things happen. These people when you think of them generally are quite successful in what they do, as they are doing what they should be doing, and are letting their God shine through.

People who are living by their own lights are generally happier and so generally have a sparkle about them. These people are not carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. To us, life often looks easy to them and but it is no easier or harder for them, it is just that they have handed over their main worries and concerns to a higher power leaving them free to live the life they have been given.

So today, try developing a little charisma of your own. Let go, hand over and enjoy the fruits of your life. You too will shine bright and develop a glow both inside and out.


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